shicky help i have to go to my archery class soon. i don't wanna go to my archery class i'm too tired to shoot and my shoulder hurts

Up onto his back you go.  You’re not going anywhere without him.  No one’s going to get near you.


/amused whale noises

i am the /best/ at stating the obvious. /rolls over

/rubs exposed belly

you're a big daddy again. you... probably already knew that tho. or maybe you didn't. i dunno, big daddies don't really seem all that smart so maybe you didn't.

He knows what he is.  You get a groan as an answer.

good lord you sound like my dog. /whale noises intensify

Oh see the red light brightening?  He’s awake now.

/affectionate whale noises

/makes quiet whale noises at u. really just. trying to wake him up without actually waking him up because idk it's funny and i'm mean.

/sleep talks back in more whale noises

you're a lazy nerd /saying this super-quietly obvs.

still dozing

/draaaaaaaapes on the sleeping daddy.

/briefly wakes up but goes back to dozing.

rnagnolialacivi replied to your post: rnagnolialacivi asked:/it’s kinda…

that’s cute as hell

It’s unclear if Shicky’s completely grafted into his suit like the bouncer, but if he’s not then there’s totally wiggle room in his helmet and he is definitely drooling on the glass.

/it's kinda cute ngl.

He does sleep talk.

Well, he at least makes whale noises in his sleep.

/shamelessly watching him doze because???? ???????? idk reasons. mostly there's a lot of 'what the fuck he's a big daddy again why this' going on

Hey fellow’s gotta sleep too.

M!A: Big daddy time again! For however long the mun wishes, you will take the form of a Big Daddy. You must protect your Little Sisters, no matter the cost.

Shh he’s dozing.


Soundwave lifted his arm out of the way and watched the servo traveling down his side, unsure of what Shockwave was doing but quite interested in it nevertheless.

Very well.  If Shockwave wished to map him out, he would assist.

Frame details for frame details.

His visor promptly displayed the schematics for his build, zooming in to the area being given such close attention and then following downward in time with Shockwave’s servo.

He hummed to encourage the exploration.  Whether or not it ended in anything didn’t matter; he was pleased by the apparent determination to renew familiarity with the details of his construction and would simply enjoy the touches as they were.

While Shockwave was capable of processing the data near flawlessly as it was presented, it was a less efficient exchange than their other methods.

But his hum.

Shockwave leaned to nuzzle Soundwave’s neck, gently pushing past plating.  His optic dimmed as he used the lower protrusions of his helm to toy with the cables of his friend’s neck.

He slipped his hand to Soundwave’s lower back and pulled his waist closer.  Shockwave was already bent somewhat to get at Soundwave’s neck.  He sought to close the gap that had created.