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Having said his piece, Shockwave gratefully embraced Soundwave.  He was uncertain why he’d feared this for so long.  Soundwave had been there for him even when he’d pushed him away.

He always returned.

And so Shockwave felt a sort of peace.  Tenj’lo would always be by his side, and he would stand by his.

Look at Shockwave’s children.

Look at them and sigh.

This is all Shockwave’s fault.


Hey. Hey. Become a Mahou Destron.


During the short silence between the time he stepped through the door and Shockwave spoke, Soundwave had already gotten caught up in observing the immediate differences in his friend’s appearance, helm tilting this way and that as he made a flurry of notations.

No grit between the plates.  No pebbles in the wheels.  None of the scratches and dents to which he’d grown accustomed to seeing in places.  Actual shine and polish.

He’d glanced down at himself, abruptly feeling as though he’d made an error in judgment coming straight from the planet, coated in a thin layer of dust, dinged and marked, tanks at half-level at best.  For whatever reason, Shockwave had made an effort to clean up, and he’d arrived looking like he’d spent a stellar cycle slumming it in Blaster City.

So busy trying to process this not even slightly predicted difference was he that he could not also sufficiently come to grips with what he was certain he’d just recorded, visor black as empty space and servos busy grasping at nothing.

"Possible audial malfunction detected.  Repeat statement."

"I have had… time to think on it.  Thinking myself incapable of it."

The dust went unnoticed, though he knew Soundwave’s audials did not malfunction.

"When we first met, I was so angry because I believed that the emotion I held towards you was not my own.  That that ‘love’ was simply the work of grey faces, and to a large extent perhaps it was, but what I feel for you now, what I’ve felt for you for so long…"

Shockwave reached out to Soundwave, his spark pulsing at a dizzying rate.

"I love you."

Clearly this is the reason the dinobots were built.

::Tenj'lo, I would speak with you.::


It was not often that he was requested by this name instead of the other - or that he was requested first at all.  Other than the leeches, which were already destroyed, hunting had become thin above-ground the last few sols.  It seemed to Soundwave that the creatures were learning to remain below for as long as possible, which meant that he and his required time to adjust their battle strategies.

Shockwave’s facility was better suited to such things than Dancitron.  He would allow them to tag along with him and set them loose to practice.  After he had finished whatever business this was with Shockwave, he’d be able to join them and help streamline the process.

[[Then he will come to you.]]

[[Chimera - a bridge, please.  One for yourself as well.]]

The usual procession of mecha arrived on Science Island shortly thereafter, though only one went to find Shockwave…

Shockwave had spent a great deal of time working or recharging but not truly taking care of himself.  Perhaps Soundwave had noticed it, but it did not matter.

What mattered was that he had groomed himself recently and had refueled.

When Soundwave arrived, he paused briefly before it all simply came out.

"I love you."

This calls for something special.


1._(:3」 ∠)_

2.ヾ(:3ノシ ヾ)ノシ

3.(:3[___]   (お布団)


1、2はよく使うので投稿しておきます_(:D」 ∠)_



The camera isn’t looking at him, but it’s David Sobolov singing as Shockwave.

[[Into the collection of singing bots this goes.]]


Map Of Cybertron (non-canon)


solarafoxbot replied to your post: Found a complete non-canon map of Cybertron

Now where is it!?















I saw the Aeounfluxus ‘s avatar and thought about ShockWave.

I will admit… watching this recording repeat is almost cathartic.

Non-TF RPers



I made another blog to RP with people who aren’t giant robot aliens, unless of course you RP a giant robot alien that’s not cybertronian.

I’ve got very few people to RP with on that account, so if you are interested in RPing with a Rundus from Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, the blog is here

I do crossovers and multiverse stuff all the time with Shicky, and I’ve enjoyed it so I’m going to do the same with Rundas.

For those who don’t want to waste time reading his wikipage he’s p much an alien ice bender bounty hunter dude. 


❝ You are terrifying and strange and beautiful. Something not everyone knows how to love. ❞

- Warsan Shire  (via kajnerokovafeia)