The Thief scowled. “A demigod!”

It was technically true in his eyes, and more fitting than merely being a ghost.

"And your definition of a demigod?"


He scowled. He knew his ghost body had unnatural weaknesses just like it had unnatural strengths, but they were for the most part unknown to any but him. Research into the area would probably only open him up to attack.

"…Don’t share any findings with anyone but Me. Then I’d consider it."

"I guard my work jealously."

Contrary to Shockwave’s reputation, he didn’t gather all or most of his data from entirely unwilling subjects.  Progress flowed more easily with compliance than coercion.

"Let us get started then.  What do you consider yourself to be?"


His eyes narrowed. “What sort of tests would you do? I wouldn’t let you touch the Ring.” And the Ring would probably have the most answers.

"I would not start with tests but with basic data collection.  Your height, weight, composition, and so on.  What that tells me will lead to potential tests."

He hadn’t thought anything of the ornament before it was mentioned.

"What you choose to share is what you choose to gain."


He let his servo fall back to his side again and nodded once more.  One silent command later and all the others still poring over the datapads and their contents turned to salute (or whistle, in the case of all those without servos of their own) in confirmation.

This wasn’t a game, even if some of them were excited for the chance to wreak havoc.  They all knew that.

}}If you require additional assistance in production to meet your deadline, I possess the skill,{{ Buzzsaw beeped.  He’d spent a solid portion of his lifetime disassembling and reconstructing things and knew how to wield his saw-edges and feelers with precision.

"I will let you return to reviewing the schematics.  Ping me when I am needed.  I will not be far."


He couldn’t argue that.  Still - he did not want to spend the remainder of what existence he could guarantee himself letting it pass him by.  He’d always seized the opportunities he wanted.  No point changing that now.

Shockwave’s mirroring of his habit caused his biolights to glow a little brighter.  He nodded, content.


"I will create a tracker so that you and yours can be bridged out in a sparkpulse."

After a slow vent, he straightened.

"I refuse to take any avoidable risks no matter how absurd."


Negative.  Waiting: inefficient.

He lifted a servo and curled a digit, using it to tilt Shockwave’s helm back up from the underside so he could stare into the brilliant red optical bulb, noting the emotion bleeding into the mech’s field as he did so.

Shockwave’s assistance: invaluable.  Soundwave survives.

"Sometimes the less efficient methods are the more effective."

He pushed his helm into Soundwave’s palm.

"Check in frequently."


"…How?" Suspicious tone in his voice. Curious, too.

"You claim and have demonstrated that you are not human.  That makes you something I have not yet studied.  My studies have always been fruitful.  There are always things that can be changed and improved once found and understood.  I propose that you allow me to discover, and I share what I learn.  We can go from there."

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Soundwave stared down at his pedes.  No, he supposed to most bots he didn’t need to risk himself this way.  Even discounting the need to repay what he considered a remaining debt, though, there was still one big reason.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be so bad to share it.

Underworld creatures roaming Cybertron regardless of hunt.  Abrupt termination always risked.

He motioned for Shockwave to follow him away from the others, not wanting them to overhear.

…Home timeline’s last known carrier unit: Soundwave.

If Soundwave: terminated before appearance of new carrier units, proper guidance: impossible.

Shockwave was about to speak up when Soundwave drew him away from the others.  His posture sank.

"Then I will do everything in my power to make sure that does not happen, but you could always stay here until this passes.  We are a patient species."


Soundwave paused a moment to turn and accept a datapad from Laserbeak and silently thank her for her interest in its contents, certain half of what she’d already jotted down on it had nothing to do with what was actually in the schematics and was instead various comments about Shockwave.  He would go through and get rid of them before passing it along the next sol.

Once she’d given the mech a brief staring and left again, he was free to continue speaking.

Subject: Debt to primus, previously discussed.  Restoration: incomplete.  Newbuilds required for species continuation.  Soundwave assists.

Shockwave’s fears: understood, he continued, trying to assure his friend that he’d be all right.  Promised supplies: helpful.

"You were not responsible for the destruction of Cybertron — you are not responsible for it’s restoration.”

From what he’d studied of spark eaters, they were not something to be taken lightly.  If harnessed they could be powerful warriors but the cost of their upkeep would be immense.

"Have you not already purged the core and barred dark energon’s taint?  Do you not provide recreation for those who are rebuilding?  Do not underestimate the importance of a place like that.  In time the newbuilds will come.  You don’t have to do this.


"Some of your compatriots have mentioned you. Say you’re a scientist beyond compare, on your planet. I thought that maybe we could possibly enter some negotiations between yourself and the Tau Empire."

Kais’s Riptide was armed with an ion cannon, his shield drones floating around, taking images and scans of Shockwave.


"Then you know nothing of me.  I am not for hire."

He eyed one of the hovering drones.


Soundwave must pay all debts, he replied, equally quiet.

If Primus would not have him as a servant, then neither could their god be allowed to hold over his helm anything he had the ability to cancel out.  Such was the way he dealt with all non-exceptions.

Termination not desired.  Care taken.

"You are not indebted for something given freely."

Like the schematics on the table and what would come of them.

"You don’t have to right a perceived wrong you are not responsible for.  You have already contributed so much to Cybertron’s restoration."