/the party god hasn't hit you yet? HERE, HAVE A CUBE OF THE PUREST HIGHGRADE EVER. enjoy those rainbows seared into your optical cortex, by the way./

He’ll take the cube, he won’t drink it.  Oh Pits no, do you remember what happened the last time he was overcharged?  We don’t talk about that.

He will take it, and he will study it, because the purest high grade ever?

The most energy per gram of energon ever produced?

Of course he is going to study the Hell out of that.

  1. imadoctor-notasoldier said: ((Ratchet and Shockwave. Having the same idea about this high grade.))
  2. bitterskyfire said: ((Use it to repower Cybertron. Bet you’ll still have enough left over to have an awesome bender in celebration))
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